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Thorough exam from tip of the nose to end of the tail. All cats and dogs need regular annual/bi-annual physical examinations.

During this physical our veterinarian will listen to your pet's heart & lungs, examine his/her eyes, ears, & mouth, and give some thorough petting while evaluating his/her abdomen, joints, and skin/coat. The doctor will address day to day care (diet/lifestyle, etc) and any questions or concerns you have. Typically during this visit the veterinarian will administer individual pet vaccination protocols, fecal exams for parasites, heartworm tests, routine blood panels to monitor internal organ function, implant identification microchip, and help you provide for your pet’s routine preventative care based on your pet’s individual needs.


Our doctors are able to help with many medical situations such as incontinence, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and injury.

We are able to perform diagnostic tests such as blood work, skin scrapes, fine needle aspirates, ear cytology, urinalysis, abdominal ultrasounds, etc. If your animal has a true emergency, or you are wondering if we will be able to help your pet, please call us at 919-219-4919. We may decide to triage your pet to an urgent care facility or other hospital depending on your pet’s needs, but we are happy to help you with this decision.


Dr. Caplin will look at your pet’s "Western Medicine" diagnosis/symptoms and combine that information with the "Eastern Medicine" exam findings. She selects acupuncture points based on these combined findings.

Please provide a quiet space for the visit and a little extra time, especially for the first treatment. The acupuncture treatment itself involves inserting very small needles (much smaller than those used for vaccines) into acupoints and letting them sit in place for ~20 minutes. This is called dry needling. Sometimes she will hook up electricity to these needles for more activation. This is called electroacupuncture and the electricity is so low usually the animals do not behave any differently than with dry needling. Having some of your pet’s favorite treats available during the visit often helps.

Acupuncture is not right for every pet. Animals that are needle shy, very scared of touch from strangers, or those that can not hold still for 10-20 minutes are not the best candidates for this modality of treatment and may do better with a therapeutic laser visit where we can activate some of these points over a shorter treatment duration and without needles.


Much like acupuncture, laser therapy can be used to treat or aid in treatment of many conditions; from chronic conditions like arthritis to acute problems like wounds and hot spots.

This therapy can help in a single session for some conditions, but typically the greatest benefit comes from multiple sessions early on and maintenance sessions for chronic concerns. Like acupuncture your pet does need to be fairly stationary for the session, but most treatments are less than 10 minutes. ( Chronic arthritis patients can take longer.) Many pets spend the entire treatment snacking from a lick pad or churu and truly enjoy the experience.


One of the unique opportunities we have as pet owners is helping our pet pass peacefully when the time comes, but determining when it is time can be incredibly challenging. We offer a quality of life appointment for this reason.

With this extended length appointment you will be able to sit and talk to the vet about what you are seeing with your pet in his/her daily life and what to expect or be on the lookout for moving forward. During this time you will work through topics including pain, appetite, hygiene, and mobility. You can focus on your primary areas of concern or allow the vet to guide you through the seven QOL categories. We are happy to provide the QOL scale for you at any time, it can be very helpful to familiarize yourself with it even if you don't have a veterinarian assessment. The following can help you decide if you need an extended QOL appointment.

Do I need a Quality of Life (QOL) visit for my pet or a standard appointment?
● My pet is in pain.
● My pet can't urinate/defecate on his/her own.
● My pet has stopped eating/drinking.
● My pet just isn't his/her self.
● My pet doesn't want to do the things he/she loves.
● My pet isn't happy anymore.

If you have pursued medical care for your pet and know that he/she has a condition that will only worsen with time or have been providing palliative care and more than two of these statements are true, then an extended quality of life appointment could be very helpful. Having a QOL appointment doesn't mean you need to make a decision at this time, the goal is simply to provide you and your pet with the care and information needed to navigate this difficult time.


Saying goodbye to your pet is one of the most difficult decisions to make. We are compassionate and nonjudgmental compassionate and empathetic as we have all been through this process with our own beloved pets.

We are committed to making it as peaceful as possible. For all of our euthanasias we give a sedative first that can go in the muscle or subcutaneous space which is much easier for the pet. After the pet is asleep, we will perform the euthanasia. There are several options for the after care of your animal including cremation and burial. In the quiet space of your home, you can review the memorial page in our online store to view urn options and keepsakes.


A non-invasive diagnostic tool to visualize internal organs in the comfort of your pet's own home.

Please provide a quiet, dark space for your pet’s comfort and a space near a wall outlet for the ultrasound machine. The ultrasound will take place on the floor, so no table is required.  All animals should have food withheld for 8 hours before the scan. In order to obtain the best quality images, your pet will be shaved on the ventral abdomen and up the sides about half way. Sedation/premedication is often needed to help with nervous panting and relaxation of pets in order to get quality imaging. Most scans will be sent to a specialist for interpretation and results will be given as soon as we receive them. (cats & small dogs only, doctor recommendation required)


We are happy to offer this unique program that covers all core vaccines to our patients seen annually.

Your veterinarian and you will discuss the vaccines most appropriate with your pet’s health and lifestyle. When you fill out the new patient form, please add a request for details on this savings program and we will email them to you!